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Trice: Your Friendly Amazon Shopping Assistant

Born out of a desire to simplify Amazon shopping, Trice is our humble offering developed using Flutter. We’re grateful for the trust placed in us, with over 100k downloads to date.

Our Journey So Far

It’s been an enriching experience to see Trice evolve. Today, it aids in tracking over a million products on Amazon, something we hadn’t dreamed of when we started.

What Trice Offers

  1. Tailored Searches: Helps you find Amazon’s deals based on your preferred categories.
  2. Regular Updates: We aim to bring you fresh offers and discounts with hourly updates.
  3. Simple & Clear Design: We hope you find our design easy and enjoyable to use.
  4. Alerts That Matter: Receive gentle nudges when products you care about hit your desired price.
  5. Favorites & Wishlists: Save deals that catch your eye and manage your Amazon wishlists, all in one place.

The Road Less Traveled: Challenges and Learnings

At Worklet, our journey with Trice over these past four years hasn’t just been about tracking a million products or reaching 100k downloads. It’s been a tale of persistence, learning, and adaptability, shaped significantly by our choices of using Flutter for our app development and Express.JS for our backend.

In our journey with Trice over these past four years, we’ve embraced the latest technologies to provide you with the best Amazon shopping experience. If you’re interested in learning more about our expertise and the technologies we use, visit our Services page. There, you can discover how we can help you with your app development needs and more.

Adapting to Flutter's Growth

When we started with Flutter, it was still finding its footing in the tech world. While its promise was evident, it wasn’t without challenges:

  • Keeping Up With Rapid Updates: Flutter’s frequent updates meant we had to constantly ensure Trice’s compatibility, sometimes demanding rapid overhauls.
  • Widget Limitations: Earlier on, certain widgets weren’t as mature. This required innovative thinking and sometimes developing custom widgets to achieve desired functionalities.

Scaling with Express.JS

Using Express.JS as our backend posed its own set of challenges, especially as Trice grew in its user base and features:

  • Managing High Traffic: As Trice’s popularity soared, ensuring our backend could handle a large number of simultaneous requests without compromising on speed was a task. This pushed us to optimize our database queries and implement efficient caching strategies.
  • Security Concerns: With increased visibility, came greater security responsibilities. We had to remain vigilant, continuously update our security protocols, and proactively shield our user data from potential threats.

Integrating the Two

Marrying Flutter and Express.JS, while beneficial, wasn’t without its moments:

  • Data Consistency: Ensuring seamless data flow between our Flutter-based frontend and Express.JS backend was crucial. It demanded meticulous API design and rigorous testing.
  • Versioning Woes: Any major update in either Flutter or Express.JS meant revisiting and potentially updating the other to maintain harmony.

Through all these challenges, the invaluable feedback from our user community and our team’s relentless commitment have been our compass. These hurdles haven’t deterred us; they’ve only made our resolve stronger and our product better.

We'd Love to Hear From You

Our journey is shaped by feedback. Please share your thoughts, suggestions, or any concerns at [email protected]. If you’ve found Trice helpful, we’d be thankful for a review.

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