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Take your business to the next level! Discover our cutting-edge technological solutions that will guide you towards your goals in the most efficient and professional manner.

We are a team of experts with strong technical expertise, and we thrive on complex and unconventional projects. We are based in Italy, but our clients come from all over the world.

We are a team of engineers.

We position ourselves as the ideal technology partner to enable you to embrace innovation through an integrated approach that combines business and technology. Leveraging the most advanced technologies, we help your company improve profits, increase competitiveness, and strengthen its market position.

Digital Consulting

Our team of professionals is ready to provide businesses with the necessary skills to manage and grow projects in an agile and scalable way. We offer personalized support based on business objectives, both on-site and remotely, ensuring targeted and high-quality service.

Digital Solutions

Bring your vision to life with our digital solutions. We specialize in mobile, web, desktop development, and more, delivering tailor-made products with flexibility, reliability, and security. We guide you through every stage, from conception to realization.

Open Source

Our passion for open source drives us to be at the forefront of innovation. We are proud to contribute our expertise and build a shared future through open source.

Our Successful Technologies

We take pride in offering solutions that exceed expectations, delivering maximum value to our clients. Our expertise allows us to achieve extraordinary results with rapid delivery times and cost efficiency.

React, Next.js, Flutter, React Native

NestJS, Salesforce, Docker, Amazon AWS, Hasura

MongoDB, PostgreSQL, MariaDB/MySQL

Mobile Applications


Data Science

Enterprise Solutions

Work culture

Our Company Culture

Our ability to lead projects with agile software development methodologies translates into tangible results. We can quickly adapt to project changes and confidently handle unforeseen situations.

In alignment with agile values, we maintain open and regular communication with clients. This helps us fully understand their needs and adjust projects accordingly, ensuring results that meet expectations.

With an agile perspective, we adopt targeted work cycles, each with measurable milestones. This approach allows us to maintain steady progress and regularly evaluate achieved results.

Our CTO is an innovation catalyst. We design customized solutions and offer consultation to define the most suitable architectures and advanced technologies, ensuring a solid path to technological success.

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