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This is Worklet

Innovation shaping the future. Cutting-edge software solutions and a passionate team for a better world.

Customer Satisfaction

Our dedication translates into a 100% satisfaction rate.

Downloads on App Stores

We are committed to creating valuable products.


Innovating beyond boundaries, turning challenges into opportunities.

We are Worklet S.R.L., a company founded in Naples two years ago that has experienced significant growth, serving clients in the Beverage, Health, Finance, Fashion, Media, and Energy sectors, earning a solid reputation.

Our aim is to make a difference, generating positive impacts on the community and the environment, while maintaining a synergistic balance with our corporate goals.

With a team of Computer Engineers with vertical expertise, our training has been essential: from engineering disciplines to digital transformation, to the development of apps within the Apple Developer Academy.

Results speak for us: our apps on the App Store have exceeded 100,000+ downloads, with daily engagement on both iOS and Android platforms.

We have brought together our skills and experiences with the intention of covering every aspect of design, development, and digital marketing related to the software world.


Technology should be an ally, not a complication. We believe in concrete action, in helping people achieve tangible results. We collaborate side by side with teams, adopting a transparent and unambiguous approach.


Open source as an engine of innovation

At Worklet, we strongly believe in the power of the community. A tangible aspect of our commitment to open source is the active contribution of our founding partner, Reactiive, who plays a significant role in the development of animations in the React Native environment. This channel is an excellent tool for sharing our knowledge in the field and engaging in enlightening discussions with other developers.

In a recent conference (App.js Conf 2023), William Candillon, one of the creators of React Native Skia, unveiled a new and exciting feature by showcasing an animation created by Reactiive.

This moment perfectly embodies our mission of sharing with other developers, emphasizing our belief that a strong community drives technological progress forward.


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