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Contributing to Arcade Labs: A Journey of Mobile Innovation

In the rapidly advancing field of mobile development, collaborations often serve as critical opportunities for both learning and innovation. One such collaboration that our consulting agency recently undertook was with Arcade Labs.

About Arcade Labs

Arcade Labs offers a novel, blockchain-based decentralized instant messaging (IM) service, available to users worldwide. This exciting project came with multifaceted objectives and requirements, presenting us with a series of intricate challenges that pushed the boundaries of our expertise. For detailed insights into our work and contributions, please visit the Github Repository.

Key Challenges Addressed

  1. Arwes Web UI Framework Integration: Our first challenge revolved around seamlessly integrating components inspired by the Arwes Web UI Framework. Our primary focus was on adapting the unique design features of the Arwes framework to ensure compatibility with Arcade Labs’ mobile environment.

  2. Popup Development: We designed and developed a reusable popup component. This component features a strategically blurred background, designed to minimize distractions and maximize user engagement with the popup content.

  3. Chat Animations: Creating dynamic animations for message creation and deletion within the chat interface was a key requirement. Our solution drew inspiration from the animation criteria used by industry leaders like Telegram.

Technological Adaptations and Tools Used

  • Reanimated: Initially, we harnessed the power of Reanimated 2 to achieve fluid animations. However, recognizing the importance of staying current with technological advancements, we transitioned to the cutting-edge Reanimated v3 during the course of the project.

  • React Native Skia: This indispensable tool played a crucial role in handling intricate graphical tasks, ensuring consistent and high-quality rendering throughout the application.


Our collaboration with Arcade Labs is a shining example of our unwavering commitment to quality, innovation, and our ability to navigate complex technical challenges. We remain dedicated to leveraging the latest tools and methodologies to deliver optimal results in all our future ventures. As we continue to grow and adapt, our passion for excellence in mobile development only intensifies.

To explore more of our projects and gain in-depth insights into our work, we invite you to visit our Blog Page. There, you’ll find detailed articles discussing our various collaborations and the innovative solutions we’ve implemented.

As we continue to grow and adapt, our passion for excellence in mobile development only intensifies. We look forward to sharing more success stories and insights with you on our blog.

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